Murdering Children

I’d like to explain why I hate the murder of children.

I hate it because it is wrong to take something from someone who can’t protect or defend himself.

  • Like the five year old girl I read about last week. She was allegedly photographed, and fondled, for years by her Aunt and that Aunt’s boyfriend, 41 year old Alex Capasso, a famous Jersey “chef”.
  • Like Autumn Pasquale, the girl in Clayton, NJ, who, three years ago was lured into a house by two older teenage boys and then killed for her bike parts.
  • Like the boys in the new documentary Wolfpack, who were kept (locked) inside their house by their dad their nearly their entire childhood. Not killed, but still robbed, don’t you think?

So I don’t think its right to take things from people, especially little people. In football, its okay: Big people hurt little people. But in our neighborhoods, and on our streets, and in our houses, big people don’t–shouldn’t–hurt, but should protect, the little people.

We need to rediscover this truth. Continue reading