John Owen, the Baptist?

I’m dreaming someday about forming a pastor’s college as a part of the wider ministry of Mercy Hill, the church of which I’m the organizing pastor (church planter) here in South Jersey.

This is part of my own heritage, having grown up in a church and a ministry which had a vision many years ago for church based theological training that eschewed accreditation and aimed, as with the original American pastor’s college, founded by the Tenent Brothers, the Log College, to raise up men for the ministry, not for the academy.

At the top of the list so far in my mind, in terms of naming said college is the title, “Owen Hall,” after the great Congregationalist Puritan theologian and minister, John Owen.

But was he a baptist? Continue reading


Being Protected from Temptation

Several years ago, I was helped by a friend when I asked him for something to read that would assist me in my fight against temptations in my life. He commended John Owen’s work, “Watching against temptation,” which I purchased as vol. 6 in his Collected Works, published by the Banner of Truth.

I came across it in my preparations for a sermon I preached on Sunday, the topic was “repentance.” And if there’s any remedy against temptation, it is repentance, which when done appropriately, has a fine dispelling power against all the wiles of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

For your encouragement, I’m posting a short excerpt from Owen’s essay here. I hope it helps you as it did me: as a reminder that we’re not in this business of following Christ for fun; it is a war, and it calls forth our whole beings and our best efforts. Continue reading