John Owen, the Baptist?

I’m dreaming someday about forming a pastor’s college as a part of the wider ministry of Mercy Hill, the church of which I’m the organizing pastor (church planter) here in South Jersey.

This is part of my own heritage, having grown up in a church and a ministry which had a vision many years ago for church based theological training that eschewed accreditation and aimed, as with the original American pastor’s college, founded by the Tenent Brothers, the Log College, to raise up men for the ministry, not for the academy.

At the top of the list so far in my mind, in terms of naming said college is the title, “Owen Hall,” after the great Congregationalist Puritan theologian and minister, John Owen.

But was he a baptist? Continue reading


God and College

When my daughter and another young woman left for college this past August, I prepared a short exhortation to them and to others who are preparing to have kids go to college, who are in college, or who are in a position to help advise others in this journey.

Read what I said here.