Monthly Review

Here are some monthly reviews; this is an experiment in personal productivity.

January 2017 in Review

  • I created three goals for January: 1) hire a new administrative assistant; 2) study Greek every day; 3) finish sermons by Friday.
  • I did accomplish the first item; I studied Greek a lot in the beginning of the month (esp. since I went to Louisville to the Southern Baptist Seminary’s greek refresher course), and I made some improvements to my sermon prep, but haven’t managed to accomplish this goal yet.
  • I also did some good reading in January but I don’t have that list in front of me to post at the moment.
  • There were also some notable failures in January which I won’t post here but which have me thinking more strategically about what goals I want to set for February.

December 2016 in Review

  1. Enjoyed rebalancing our approach towards Christmas, gift purchases, and preparing the gifts and our family celebration this year. Some of our tasks were scheduled last year, having written down together as a couple what worked and what didn’t.
  2. I enjoyed meeting with a friend at the local tobacco shop; we may revisit that location as a place for more theological and philosophical discussions.
  3. I am grateful for the way in which I was able to send thank you letters and gifts to my main supporters.
  4. I achieved a goal which I’ve had for some time, namely to preach at my children’s christian school–which I did twice in December, and it was well-received. I also confirmed for a speaking engagement at my daughter’s Christian college–to speak at that chapel as well, a talk which I am currently preparing.
  5. December tends to be a busy month for us, and so we take a week vacation when we can after Christmas. The whole week is vacation; we don’t always get to go somewhere. This time, we went to Virginia at a VRBO house that Polly found. On the whole it was a really delightful time with my wife and children.
  6. Our vacation afforded me some time to finish one major goal for this year–a book a week. I think I topped out at about 60 books this year.
  7. Also on vacation I was able to reflect on 2016 and consider how I will implement changes in the areas of good and godly work and personal habits, as well as how to deal with procrastination and other sins. To prepare for this, I have written down seventeen resolutions for 2017, following the example of a friend of mine.