Essays on Art

I am passionate about good writing and good art–and am working on my own meager skills in both areas. In writing, I have a number of books and poems which are in various stages of development, as well as an idea for a novel I’d love to write.

In the realm of visual art, while I don’t have any projects currently in development, I love to work with pencil, pen, and paint, and also have done work in the past in graphic design and photography.

Several years ago I was a contributing author to a magazine called Ruminate. Below is a list of those essays and links to the Ruminate blog. I’m no longer with the magazine, so if you have comments on one of these essays, feel free to leave them in the comment pane below.

Collage and Creativity in which I argue that the artistic medium of collage is a metaphor for how God calls us to not only to write or make art, but to live well in His Creation.

Dangerous Margins in which I explore the meaning of the phrase, “meditating on the intersection of life, faith, and art.”

Some Sacred Thread, in which I explore the meaning of suffering in light of the skeptic’s  doubt of the goodness of God.

Witness Trees, in which I share my discovery of how “tangible things can bring us to intangible places.”

Pain and Poetry, in which I engage with those who criticize using poetry to help give meaning to tragedy.

Humility and Hope, another essay with the same title as one below, but on a different topic: in this Christmas meditation, I observe how Mary’s Song shows how she finds her place in the Grand Story of the World.

Fairy Tales, in which I defend Tolkien’s point of view that Christianity is the One True Myth.

Children and Art, in which I examine the Bible’s perspective on children, and how that can shape our attitude towards art.

Humility and Hope, in which I connect making good art to knowing one’s calling, and also show the threat that the “inner critic” poses to all artistry. Because another essay in this collection has the same name, I would re-title this essay “Sacred Ignorance.”

Ruminate’s Psalms, in which I argue for the importance of poetry, and people and institutions that encourage making new poetry.

The Gospel Man, in which I attempt to explain the Gospel Story in the context of the grand sweep of human history.

A World inside the City, in which I argue for the importance of community for not only making art, but for our own humanity.

Slow Reading, Slow Faith, in which I introduce myself to the magazine and explain why I think Ruminate’s work is important, in terms of the meaning of the word for the magazine’s name, “ruminate.”



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