Why were the Graveclothes Neatly Folded?

When informed by the Jewish chief priests and Pharisees of Jesus’ day that our Lord had predicted “on the third day I will rise,” Pilate says dismissively, “You have a guard of soldiers; go make it as secure as you can.”

Such instructions may have been the most futile ever given in history, for if “death cannot hold him” then neither can Pilate, a ten cent Roman appointee in a backwater region of the empire called Palestine

But He did rise, and so the updated game plan by the religious leaders was to tell a lie and spin the resurrection as a bumbled plot by the disciples to steal away the body.

But is this rational? Possibly, but if someone stole the body, why were the grave clothes (the linen cloths used in Jewish custom to wrap the body of the deceased) neatly folded to one side, and the cloth that was specifically laid over his face folded and set aside separately from the rest? Continue reading