Is God Anti-Gay? reflections on Sam Allberry’s book (part 1)

I’ve come across a book recently which I’ve appreciated, by author Sam Allberry; and its title is a question: Is God Anti-Gay?

The answer the author proposes is “no”: God is no more anti-gay than He is “anti-sinner.” But Allberry, in the course of his writing this little booklet, touches on a number of other important aspects to this topic which I’d like to explore here, as well as raise a few critiques, which I hope will be constructive.

First, some background. The seventh commandment (“thou shalt not commit adultery”) is the command that addresses mankind’s sexual behavior, or as it has been called God’s Law of Sex. In this law, we see implicitly several important truths, especially this one:

God is not opposed to sex; nor is he opposed to sexual desire. These things are not wrong; in fact, so far from being wrong, they are gifts of God to be celebrated and enjoyed.

But here’s the rub: sex, and sexual desire, are to be celebrated and enjoyed according to His Word, and not merely according to our own way of thinking. He created sex, and sexual desire; He is therefore entitled to govern sex and sexual desire by His Revealed Word. Continue reading