Summertime Parenting

With older children who go to school, our house is quiet during the day. But won’t last much longer. In just a few short weeks, we will experience a reverse exodus: the children will come home and stay for the summer.

This presents special challenges for our family. First of all, my study is at home and having little bodies around during the day can make getting some kinds of work done more difficult. (Frankly, their bodies aren’t so little any more, but you get the idea.) Second, we have four children at home (two in college) and so we’re dealing with parenting on a larger scale than some other people we know.

To start with, we start with two biblical principles. Continue reading

Pastors Turning Tail

To turn tail describes behavior of a coward, someone who runs from danger. Mr. Crane described the dynamics of cowardice in The Red Badge of Courage. I read it in eighth grade and will never forget the experience.

In days where denominations and departments of state are turning tail and running from the clear teaching of Scripture, pressure will increase on pastors to do the same. If the world is a battlefield on which pastors are called to fight a spiritual war for the kingdom of God, the godly will stand fast; but false teachers (sometimes called “thieves”) turn tail from their commitments and exchange the truth for a lie, scratching the “itching ears” of those who by nature do not want to hear hard words of repentance.

But what about fleeing for one’s life? Escaping persecution is a different matter, isn’t it?  Continue reading