“Lead Parent” and other Social Experiments

These days, the watchword seems to be “try it, you might like it.” Sort of a new sixties, in which conventions, once which seemed inviolable or unimpeachable, are on trial, “in the dock” to use Lewis’s famous essay title (“God in the Dock”).

Stay at home dads, and their cousins, “lead parents” (the gender-neutral version of that somewhat more embarrassing title, and one which allows two parents to work and day-care raise the kids), is the latest “convention on trial.”

Much could be written about this so-called courtroom trial, but most of the issues, and “practice titles” (including the blissfully androgynous and marriage-ambiguous “Stay at home Partner”) ultimately wind up denying that biology is, in fact, by God’s design, deeply connected to our destiny.
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