Murdering Children

I’d like to explain why I hate the murder of children.

I hate it because it is wrong to take something from someone who can’t protect or defend himself.

  • Like the five year old girl I read about last week. She was allegedly photographed, and fondled, for years by her Aunt and that Aunt’s boyfriend, 41 year old Alex Capasso, a famous Jersey “chef”.
  • Like Autumn Pasquale, the girl in Clayton, NJ, who, three years ago was lured into a house by two older teenage boys and then killed for her bike parts.
  • Like the boys in the new documentary Wolfpack, who were kept (locked) inside their house by their dad their nearly their entire childhood. Not killed, but still robbed, don’t you think?

So I don’t think its right to take things from people, especially little people. In football, its okay: Big people hurt little people. But in our neighborhoods, and on our streets, and in our houses, big people don’t–shouldn’t–hurt, but should protect, the little people.

We need to rediscover this truth.

I’ve had to learn this the hard way with my own kids. The sins I’ve committed against them are nothing like the above crimes, thank God–but no parent is perfect and I have regrets about how I’ve treated my own children. May God forgive me.

It is because I see and feel the weight of what are, relatively speaking, “smaller sins” in my own life that I hate it when kids get hurt. When people take stuff from children. And that’s what murder is: its stealing the life of a child without asking him if that’s “okay.”

What’s worse for me, and for so many people who think like me, is that we’ve enshrined this robbery into law and framed the discussion as a “right.”

A Complicated Situation: Jane & Joe

I know: it gets complicated for some people when you introduce a big mean man who takes the virginity or chastity or womb of a weak(er), (more) helpless woman. We’ll call him Joe. Let’s call her Jane. It is complicated because Joe is stealing too. He’s robbing Jane. And now Jane has a baby. We’ll call him Peter.

I hate this, too.

I imagine Jane can’t fathom how she would spend the rest of her life (high school, college, grad school, married life) with the burden of that child. The act of violence wrought upon her has “Ruined Everything.” Not to mention the psychological and spiritual wreckage Jane has to wade through, and that she has to rebuild, for the rest of her life.

I hate this.

But Jane’s not as weak as her baby, Peter, is. Neither is Joe. And Joe and Jane have lots of people around them who can, and should, help them figure out their “new situation” including punishment for Joe, if that’s appropriate. But tragically, unbelievably, when abortion-murder is pursued as the “solution,” no one is thinking about Peter at such times.

In philosophy, an idea that is irreducible is called a surd. The irreducible idea, here, the surd, the bottom line fact is that abortion-murder is stealing. That so many have mentally and emotionally justified such robbery is an outrage.

To add to the outrage, our society has created institutions (Planned Parenthood, for one) that actually encourages such victims as Jane above, to become murderers. We actually tell Jane that “its justifiable homicide” because of what she’s been through, and what she hopes to do in life.

It seems to me to be so obviously heading in the wrong direction when this is how we solve problems. What other problem in your life would you solve by murdering someone who’s hurt you? Stealing from someone who’s harmed you or who gets in the way of your hopes or dreams?

Abortion is murder and that means it takes something from someone that you don’t have the RIGHT to take.

The Example of Black Lives

I’ll admit that we permit some kinds of man-killing; but, that’s when our lives are imminently in danger, and we then call it “self defense.” If Jane killed Joe in my above scenario, I would comfort and praise her toughness. But she didn’t. How is it that the “next best option” is to kill baby Peter?

The injustice of our justice system must be addressed. But for the purposes of this essay, let me use an illustration. Don’t you think it is ironic that Trayvon and Michael and Eric and others weren’t “doing anything wrong” at the time, or if they were, nothing worthy of, or commensurate with the punishment that they received? Don’t you think its ironic that the reason “black lives matter” is in part because the “police response” was not appropriate to their persons, nor reflective of the value of their persons?

It boggles my mind that some of the same politicians who are actively trying to benefit from the Black Lives Matter movement are scrambling to downplay or even dismiss the videos that have been released.

Stealing the lives of pre-born ones, is the classic “two wrongs don’t make a right” argument which so many people seem to understand in other contexts, like with the lives of black kids, but in this one, they seem to close their eyes and shut their ears.

My Story of Faith

I’ll end with my story of faith, and how it connects to my purpose, which is to explain why I hate the murder of children. I have been unwaveringly opposed to the murder of innocents since I first discovered faith in Jesus Christ. What was the connection for me?

In short, my story of faith began when I found myself with an overwhelming sense of the guilt of my own sin before a holy God. In that place, I discovered Mercy. Grace. These gave me new Priorities. My experience of Redemption, Hope, and Love gave new meaning to how I defined Sacrifice. Forgiveness. Seeing God truly for Who He Is changed my view of Righteousness. Wickedness. Judgment. Eternity. And Justice.

I am pretty confident that most people who are defending Planned Parenthood do not grasp these topics as they flow from Sacred Scripture. They may latch onto various sanitized versions of these themes, but not their full and glorious expression as it flows from the pages of God’s Holy Word.

It isn’t that I don’t think a woman in a compromised situation should be ignored. Nor that she has no “rights.” But rather that God can use this situation for the good, no matter how ugly it seems in the moment. HE REALLY CAN. Our commonwealth, our society, cannot endure unless we become the kind of place where she is helped, and her oppressor is punished, and the fruit of her womb is protected.

It seems to me that the lies that envelop so many who are involved in Planned Parenthood, from the politicians (at the top) to the so-called doctors and counselors (at the bottom), relate to this: we can’t get justice in this life. So we must compromise and offer a “service” to the woman which figuratively and literally rips at the fabric of what it means to be civilized: we rob from the little kids.

That actually used to make sense to me. But when I discovered God’s Mercy and Grace, I realized that there was hope for Redemption. Love and Sacrifice became my new Priority. Forgiveness in the light of God’s Righteousness and my Wickedness meant I deserved Judgment and Strict Justice for Eternity. But instead of being murdered, which, by Christian calculus, I actually deserve, Jesus Christ was robbed for me; His Murder (the Innocent One became the Victim) conquered death for me, and has given me Life. It is out of gratitude for this Life that I have discovered this hatred, a very deep hatred, of the murder of little children.

Your Response

If you’ve read this and you’re not a Christian, reach out to someone who is and say, “I don’t want to talk about Planned Parenthood or those videos, but I do want to make sure I have eternal life.” You need salvation, not the right “political position.”

If you’re a Christian, you need to help. Thousands, millions of babies are being killed every single day in our cities and towns. The videos were a creative way to draw attention to the problem. How can you help?

If you’re a politician, don’t pretend that this is about selling organs, or treating “aborted fetuses” like “commodities.” Make sure you don’t water down or distract the debate from what’s really happening. Even before the videos were released, or these discussions even took place, babies were being robbed of their lives. That’s the crime that needs to stop. The institution that needs to be “defunded” is our legal justification for such robbery.

And please pray for me that I would be faithful. Since I hate the murder of children, I want my Christian life to be consistent with this conviction.