What’s Wrong with the World: Oscar Politicking & Jennifer Anniston

What’s Wrong with the World is the title of GK Chesterton’s fantastic diatribe of all things nineteenth century and broken. The irony of the book is that most of what was wrong with the world is still wrong with the world; and we’re adding to the list every day. Continue reading


“Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie” –God.

What do the Sony film, The Interview, and the #parisshooting have in common? They both claim to represent, guard, or promote honorable traditions, but in fact do not. Think about it:

  • How can the lewd, disrespectful, and lascivious movie known as The Interview possibly represent anything that pleases God? Or,
  • How can a plucky French pundit who sketches obscene comics about political and religious figures in the name of “free speech” be a hero of democracy?

The Bible says that “if we want to have no fear of authority,” then we should “do what is right and we will receive praise from the same.” Under no circumstances can penning, and publishing, obscene comics of the prophet Muhammad be construed as “doing what is right.”  Continue reading