In the News Today…

Matthew Henry, famous for his Bible Commentary, and significant for his Guide for Prayer (a lesser known, but more significant achievement in my opinion) is no relative of mine, but an inspiration to my faith nonetheless.

He wrote once that in reading the local news, we are to avoid reading with a heart that craves gossip, or relishes in the misfortune of others. Rather, we should read about the news with a heart and mind to discern what God is doing in our world.

Sometimes this is called employing a “Christian world view.” Harry Blamires called it discovering, and using, a Christian mind.

Here are two stories from today’s newspaper–yes, the paper and ink variety which I think is still a useful and important part of being an educated and informed human being, and Christian–with some observations, brief, and ad hoc, about what these stories suggest God is doing in our world today.

Cleveland Faulted on Force (A1): “The Obama administration issued a report on Thursday accusing the Cleveland Police Dept. of using excessive and deadly force against citizens in violation of their constitutional rights.” Three observations. Continue reading