Imagine a World where Knights Exist

I’m finally reading Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. I saw it on the shelf of my high school library, in Spanish, believe it or not, and decided someday I wanted to read it in Spanish, and wouldn’t read it before I read it in Spanish.

Well, my spanish isn’t making much progress these days, so I decided to break down and read it in English. Making matters worse, my available reading time seems small lately, so succumbed, and am “reading it” via audio CD.

So reading Don Quixote–or more accurately, listening to it–I have been reminded how remarkable great literature is to capture the imagination, shape culture, and articulate the big ideas of humanity.

For example in a recent movie, Don Quixote is referenced in this way: Question: “What are you reading?” Answer: “A book about a knight who lives in a world that no longer believes in knights.” Reply: “Sounds like our world.”

Church planting, and pastoral ministry, sometimes feels like that: being a knight in a world that no longer believes in knights. May God help us recover our imagination of what the church should be, could be, and, in fact, whether we believe it or not, really IS.