the Inerrant Scripture as a “Human Production”

Much could be said, and much has been said, about how Christians, and every person, for that matter, ought to read the Bible. At the outset, I want to urge caution: there is a danger in talking about what we believe ABOUT the Bible that we forget that we must in fact READ the Bible.

May that not be true of us.

Having said this, I learned early on in my training for the ministry that it is important that in every new generation of Christians we undertake to fresh defenses of God’s Word. CS Lewis’ warning notwithstanding (he is supposed to have said that he would rather defend a roaring lion than to defend God’s Word, or God Himself, I don’t remember which), the engaging in careful defenses (L., apologia) of the Scriptures is important in our witness as Christians.

Rarely do such defenses convince an unbeliever of the rightness of The Faith; but they can play a role, through dialogue and debate, in helping to lower, or reduce, people’s resistance to faith in Jesus Christ.

The current apologia for the Scriptures centers on how Christians are to read the Old Testament. Let me explain. Continue reading