Guidelines for a Dude Going out with His Wife

My wife and I started having “date night” about seven years ago. It was the result of one of my initial assessments for church planting. The encouragement from godly men was “to continue to develop your marriage intimacy now that your kids have a baby-sitter.” (Parents with young kids know how hard it is to get baby sitters, and when the oldest child can help watch the kids, investing in, and developing, marriage intimacy becomes more feasible.)

Part of that meant we would start a weekly date night as a way to invest in our marriage.

But as it turns out, date night isn’t easy when two people are busy and life surges onward while mom and dad are out at Barnes and Noble sipping a latté.

I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, and a little humbled by my wife when she recently emailed me with some dates for our future nights out, along with some requests, which I’ll post below as guidelines for a dude going out with his wife (slightly modified from my wife’s initial email).

Read on for the guidelines as well as a poll on “dating your spouse.”

  1. Be available beforehand to help your lady get the kids fed and settled. 
  2. Leave the time after the official date open for chatting, relaxing together, shower, prayer, a card game, or whatever…….(fill in the blank here). Dude: don’t sandwich date night in between appointments and work.
  3. Speaking of sandwiching: no work calls or texting during the date, either.

Men, break these at your own risk.


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