Michaelangelo rearranged Capitoline square

Asked to design or rearrange capitoline square, Michelangelo re-architected this famous area for culture and government in the shape of a square/trapezoid.

Among the buildings here include the national archives of Rome (dating back 2000 years) and a national museum, Capitoline Museum, the oldest in the world.

1. Famous steps for weddings,built in 1348 as thanks to the BVM for removing the pestilence from the city.
2. A close up of the “Capitol building” sometimes called a “typewriter” for its boxy shape.
3. Statues at the top of the square steps. (These steps were specially designed for horse carriages to mount.)
4. It was Romes 2,766 birthday on this Sunday so there was a special performance by Italy’s special forces. (Our guide kept calling it the “Christmas of Rome”)
5. It was an exclusive area. This apartment belongs to Sophia Lauren.